Apr 28, 2017

Win a trip to your warrior’s country!

Vbet continues to draw trips to different countries of the world. This time such an opportunity is given to the players of Vbet Casino Warlords: Crystals of Power. Choosing the hero of the game the players also choose the country where they want to go. For every €10 wagered, the participants will earn one raffle […]

Apr 26, 2017

Play with fairytale heroes and win a journey to Hollywood!

Is there anyone who does not want to visit Hollywood, stay at a luxury hotel, visit a film studio and watch how everything goes at shooting areas? Vivaro Casino gives you this opportunity. In Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel, for each EUR 10 wager the customers will get 1 ticket. These tickets will participate in […]

Apr 13, 2017

Space flight with a EUR 5,000 prize fund

April 12, 1961was a historic day for all humanity: the first man flied into space. 56 years ago, Yuri Gagarin opened a new page in the annals of space exploration. April 12 is celebrated around the world as the human space flight day. On the day of the event a promotion is offered also in […]

Apr 07, 2017

10 interesting facts about poker

1. Out of the fifty-two cards of the regular card deck, you can collect 2598960 poker hand combinations. 2. The number of cards (52 cards) corresponds to the number of weeks in a year. 4 suits (diamonds, clubs, spades, hearts) correspond to the 4 seasons of the year. Thirteen cards in each suit represent the […]

Apr 05, 2017

Famous Poker stars superstitions

Poker stars are known for their self-control and mathematical way of thinking, however, they also may have some superstitions. PokerPlayer has made a chart of habits of well-known players, which throughout time turned into a real ritual.   Johnny Chan’s orange The ten-time winner of WSOP bracelet carries an orange in his hand around poker […]

Apr 05, 2017

Dan Bilzerian is at the center of a scandal again

This time all the mass is about remarks made about female poker players. Before the hands-up with Michael Dentale, Cate Hall wrote on Twitter: – Friend: “Why are so many people interested in that game?” – Me: “Because there is no one who would like to see one of us lose.” Dan Bilzerian responded to […]

Mar 24, 2017

England to face Armenia. How is it possible?

England national team will face Lithuania in World Cup 2018 qualifiers on March 26, and on the same day, at the same time they will face Armenia. How is it possible, you might ask. Everything is very simple. VBet’s Mixed Football gives the football fans the opportunity to enjoy this clash off the pitch. While […]

Mar 20, 2017

Kate Middleton and Prince William Have Lots of Changes Planned for this Year: Speacial Bets

The young royal family have decided to move from their country-set residence to London. For this purpose, William and Kate are initiating reconstructions in Kensington Palace in order to feel comfortable in the new home with children. This was a surprise since recently the Prince was in the center of a scandal. William spent his […]

Mar 16, 2017

On St. Patrick’s Day, double promotion in slot games!

Every year on March 17, Ireland celebrates the Feast of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of the country. Public parades and festivals held in the traditional Irish style became so popular worldwide that many cities started celebrating the Feast. On St. Patrick’s Day, Vivarobet launches two promotions at a time. The fist, obviously, relates […]

Mar 15, 2017

VBet accept special bets on Armenia Parliamentary Elections 2017

According to newly accepted legislation, the Republic of Armenia will move on to the parliamentary system of government. 9 parties and alliances will try to enter the parliament in the result of a voting that will take place on April 2, 2017. VBet accept special bets on Armenia Parliamentary Elections and expect that at least […]

Mar 02, 2017

VBetPoker is presenting a new software with comfortable design, big tournaments and a wide range of opportunities!

Poker has long been considered an intellectual game, where lucky cards factor is receded into the background. Smart playing strategy, estimation of opponent’s psychology, and of course, patience are currently more important. Recently, online poker games have been played widely around the globe, thus becoming serious competitors for live games. The advantages of online poker […]

Feb 14, 2017

VBet took part in London Affiliate Conference 2017

London Affiliate Conference 2017 is one of the largest conferences in the world which gives its participants a unique opportunity of introducing their brand on the international arena. Participation in this conference plays an important role for further development of companies and for acquiring new partners in the field. Many well-known international companies arrived at […]

Feb 10, 2017

VBet is presented at London Affiliate Conference 2017

Vbet is presented at London Affiliate Conference 2017. The two-day conference has started in London, hosting Vbet team which are presenting their new web-site adopted to the British market. LAC 2017 is one of the biggest affiliate platforms, which lets the participants deepen their proficiency in the field, expand the partnership network and present the […]

Feb 08, 2017

BetConstruct wins the iGaming Software Supplier award at IGA 2017

BetConstruct takes home the iGaming Software Supplier award at the International Gaming Awards 2017 in London, UK. “Receiving the iGaming Software Supplier award shows our commitment to providing complete solutions enhanced with outstanding support services,” says BetConstruct Chairman Vigen Badalyan. “This award is the result of continuous learning as well as hard work of the […]

Feb 07, 2017

Leicester in Champions League and Premier League: Special bet

The 1/8 finals of the most prestigious tournament – the Champions League – are about to held in Europe. The strongest football clubs of Europe will try to reach the playoffs, the finals and get the desirable Cup. The Leicester – the discovery club of the year – joined this tough battle last year. This […]

Feb 06, 2017

The much-anticipated H2O Data Seminar finally took place in London!

Towards the most prestigious event in the gaming industry – ICE Totally Gaming 2017, yesterday evening London hosted the long-awaited H2O Data Seminar, organized by the Armenian-rooted BetConstruct and the British SBC events. The opening speech was delivered by the founder of BetConstruct, Vigen Badalyan, who highlighted the importance of sports data and databases in […]

Feb 06, 2017

Famous footballers Ruud Gullit and John Barnes signed T-shirts and balls for Vbet and VbetNews

As already announced, H2O Data Seminar was held in London, organized by the Armenia-rooted Betconstruct Company. The latter is Vbet’s exclusive provider in Armenia. Famous football players Ruud Gullit and John Barnes were invited to the seminar as special guests. Ruud Gullit became a European champion with Holland in 1988, won a “Golden Ball” and […]

Feb 01, 2017

Special Bets: Oxxxymiron VS Dizaster. The battle of the year !

The year 2017 promises to be hot in the world of rap battles. This year two great battlers from opposite continents will face each other. In this battle, the famous MC from LA, California, multiple winner of KOTD, Dont Flop and Grind Time tournaments – Dizaster will face the four-time winner of the Russian Versus […]

Jan 27, 2017

VBet made a step-up!

We are pleased to inform you that the hard work of VBet bookmaker’s team resulted in a step-up! According to Bookmaker Rating experts’ decision, VBet rank went up from 3/5 to 4/5. This step-up is the result of successful responses to the players’ negative reviews. Thus, VBet is now listed in the top-20 bookmaker companies […]

Jan 17, 2017

VBet to attend London Affiliate Conference 2017

After attending Berlin Affiliate Conference in late 2016, VBet has set their next destination, which is London Affiliate Conference 2017. One of the biggest conferences of 2017 will take place on the 9th -12th February. The conference is anything but ordinary, as expect the unique activities of the affiliate conference, the organizers have attached several […]

Jan 06, 2017


This is an example of a perfectly timed cash-out which resulted a great profit! A Vbet customer cashed out 90% of their ticket for € 22,950, after leg 11 of Sunday 1st January Pick 15 pool. The customer had bet €25on the pool, playing with a €1.6 stake per line. There were 4 games remaining in […]

Dec 28, 2016

New Year Special Poker Tournament

VBet Poker presents New Year surprise for its players: NEW YEAR SPECIAL tournament with 32.000 E GTD. Tournament Terms and Conditions Given that we are introducing a  completely new program and an updated tournament list to you, it was decided to organize the upcoming Christmas tournament in a non-standard way. Thus, the tournament will involve […]

Dec 28, 2016

Special bets: Ronaldo more likely to leave Real Madrid than Mkhitaryan – Manchester United

The New Year will create new opportunities for players and clubs, as the winter transfer window opens on January 1. Mid-season transfers within the European Championships are major world football events. No matter how predictable transfers are, they can involve some shock moves, since negotiations among the clubs, players and agents are held in secret. […]

Dec 22, 2016

Golden Globe Awards: who will get the first movie awards in the coming year?

On January 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, the hall of the Beverly Hills Hotel will host a star-studded ceremony for one of the most important award shows in film – “Golden Globe Awards”. On January 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, the hall of the Beverly Hills Hotel will host a star studded ceremony for one […]

Dec 16, 2016

The new Season of “Sherlock” will be back on the New Year’s Day

Many films and TV series were created about the legendary detective, however, “Sherlock” produced by BBC overshadows all the previous ones and is here to break all the stereotypes. The modern-day Sherlock Holmes not only possesses traditional deductive abilities, but also applies new technologies, he has a great sense of humor and exceptional intuition. Obviously, […]

Dec 14, 2016

“Star Wars” is back…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… “- these are the words that unleashed a new era in “Star Wars”, which continues to this day. These words symbolize the cult film series that won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. The epic fantastic saga of “Star Wars” is not limited to movies. […]

Dec 02, 2016

Special Bets: Westworld

“Westworld”: The first season of the series from HBO comes to an end! The famous American HBO introduced a new series called “Westworld” this October. Just like some other sensational series («The Game of Thrones», «Breaking Bad»), “Westworld” managed to rapidly attract large audience. It should be noted that an all-star ensemble of actors is […]

Dec 02, 2016

Special Bets: El Clasico

One of the most highly anticipated football matches will be held on December 3 at the “Camp Nou” stadium: “Barcelona” will host “Real Madrid”. The Spanish El Clásico has always been a great occasion for the public. It is considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe, if not the most prestigious one. The  […]

Nov 11, 2016

Fantastic news! VBet is shortlisted for the Football Bookmaker of the Year award at this year’s SBC Awards

Being a progressive and fast developing company, VBet quickly takes the road to success. And the inclusion in the shortlist is a display of our hard work and dedication. VBet covers sporting events from around the world. Apart from classic betting options, VBet also offers a variety of alternative options, such as betting on video […]

Nov 05, 2016

Euro Football cup winners

How well do you know the history of the Europe championships? Try yourself!  

Oct 28, 2016

The Vikings are Back!

In less than a month, the “Vikings” will be returning to the small screen. On November 30, the “Vikings” will hit the screens to continue the story. The events in the series are taking place at the crossroads of different cultures and religions – in the cruel and dangerous world of Medieval Europe. Season 4, Episode 10 left many questions unanswered. After being […]

Oct 18, 2016

EiG go high!

The partnership with BetConstruct give many benefits, and I have been surprised by the invitation to take part in EiG expo in Berlin. EiG is a unique event in the global gaming industry. In 2016 it gathered more than 2000 participants from 83 countries. The first day was very dynamic: we immediately received a large […]

Oct 18, 2016

Test your skills for free!

Every day thousands of people make bets all over the world. Some of them are successful some of them are not. Vbet gives you an opportunity to make bets for free! While making a bet there is always a risk of losing, but Vbet gives you an opportunity not to lose any actual money even […]

Oct 11, 2016

The path of “the Walking Dead”

Comics on the shelf Few people know that a world-known film director, producer and screenwriter Frank Darabont is a big fan of the horror genre. His name is associated with such legendary films as “Shawshank redemption”, “The Green mile”, “The Mist”, but he started his career with writing scripts for horror movies. One day Frank […]

Oct 11, 2016

Who will become this year’s Nobel Laureate in Literature? Vivaro’s odds

In this rapidly developing information age, when Internet and television have overshadowed traditional newspapers and magazines, literature has also lost its former leading position. Even the most scandalous events in this sphere, the most anticipated awards go unnoticed. However, the Nobel Prize can be regarded as an exception, as interest towards it never fades away. […]

Feb 01, 2016

Winter Championship of Poker (WCOP)

Vbet Poker room is launching a brand new Winter Championship of Poker (WCOP). The first stage will include a series of online events. The winners of the ONLINE event will receive permits for participation in the OFFLINE event, which will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia on March 6-9. This OFFLINE event will be held between […]

Jan 31, 2016

Bad Beat Guard

Vbet Poker is offering a new type of tables called Bad Beat Guard (BBG). Their aim is to protect players from bad beats. Table features: BBG is activated only when the victory odds for your hand reach 70% or higher. Let us have a closer view. 1. Blind bets are made. Player 3 drops the […]

Jan 29, 2016

Mega Race

Vbet Poker is launching new promotions for the regular players. If you play poker every day, you gain points, which will let you participate in the Rake Race and Mega Race. The first promotion is the Rake Race. The Rake Race is defined by the participation of cash tables with 0.01/0.02 until 0.10/0.20 blind structures. […]

Jan 28, 2016


Megafeed’s Live Scouting Data provides you with comprehensive real-time data for the most popular live sporting events around the world, such as football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and more. Official website: megafeed.com Our team of more than 700 scouts works around the world, attending matches that range from global fixtures to ‘local contests’. But, in […]

Jan 26, 2016

Bonus tournament for Khachapuri Backgammon

Players who during the course of a week play 200 games with stakes above 0 and players who have bet at least 500 C during the week, will have a chance to participate in the Bonus tournament every Saturday at 19:00. The tournament will be organized as а single-elimination competition without rebuys. The prize pool […]

Jan 07, 2016

Cyber Sport

Vbet is offering the Cyber Sport From now on, you can make bets every day on the FIFA Football League International Cyber Football Premiership, which features the most popular football championships. You can watch all the matches on our website online, place bets live and monitor the events on the official webpage of the championship. […]

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