Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather is almost confirmed

The long-awaited "Billion Dollar Fight" is closer then ever, as Floyd Mayweather announced that he will come out of retirement to fight McGregor. According to MMA insider, the fight is closer than ever, as the venue for the fight has already been reserved. Front Row Brian, who is a well-known figure in the MMA world, revealed that Las Vegas is the city for the big fight. "I have confirmed there is a 'hold' on T-Mobile Arena in Vegas June 10th for Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor boxing match," he tweeted. "This is not confirmation the fight has been agreed to but it is confirmation talks have advanced to the stage where a venue has been held."

Top-10 professional athletes who have come out

In the modern world of liberalization and free sexuality choice many celebrities have come out as members of LGBT community, and professional athletes are no exception. Even though their coming out is much less, there are still brave representatives of the community, who did not fear the brutal world of sports. So, please welcome the top-10 athletes who have officially come out to the public. Tom Daley Thomas Robert Daley is one of the best athletes in United Kingdom’s diving team. Alongside with various national and international honors, the diver is also a two times Olympic Bronze medalist. After various rumors spread about his sexuality, Daley has launched a YouTube video, where he announced himself to be a bisexual. Moreover, he revealed his relationship with American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (now his fiancé).

The Anti-War Warrior: Muhammad Ali

“When you are right, no one remembers; when you are wrong, no one forgets”. Muhammad Ali One of the most noteworthy facts in the biography of Mohammad Ali is how the still young and unknown boxer refused to be induced into the U.S. Army. At age 18, Ali started the professional boxing career. It was in 1960 when Ali got a call to be induced into the United States Army from the Louisville military commission. Two years later Ali was recognized as eligible for the draft and induction into the U.S. Army. Two more years passed and Ali was ready to fight Sonny Liston for the World Heavyweight Championship, meanwhile, he was again called to undergo the medical inspection and the U.S. Armed Forces qualifying tests. The medical inspection revealed no problems, and even doctor Ferdie Pacheco, who had served as Mohammad Ali’s personal physician for many years, told he had never seen a person with better health condition than Ali. He also noted that even in the case of illness Ali was always fine the next morning. As to the IQ test, Ali got only 78 points, which was 14 points less than the threshold set for military services in the United States. Two months later, when Ali was already a World Champion, the military revised his IQ test results, and the picture was the same. In this regard, Ali was quoted as saying "I said I was the greatest, not the smartest!" In 1966 the overall system, including the army induction conditions, were reviewed. According to the new criteria, Ali was now eligible for the induction. He was forced to join the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War. However, Ali started fighting against war and traveled throughout the country with anti-war calls. He neither left the country nor hid in any remote and safe corner of the planet. In those years, the California Governor and the future United States President Ronald Reagan was among the people fighting against him. Militarists were trying to put an end to Ali’s initiative and force him to join the army, while pacifists, who obviously were a minority and mostly involved blacks, supported Muhammad. This “fight” was the longest in Ali’s career, it did not last 12 rounds, but entire 56 years. Being neglected by the citizen of his home country, as well as facing criticism and curses, Ali traveled to Canada and Europe and did not fight in the USA for a long time. Ali spent his whole life by “fighting” in two fronts- he was struggling against war and was fighting in the professional ring to defend his champions’ title. Of course, Ali’s career was not smooth and flower-bordered, there were scandalous days as well, such as, for example, the “Fight of the Century” with Joe Fraizer, however, in history books Ali will be reconciled as the greatest boxer of all times, as a champion who had victories both inside and outside the ring. For 32 years, Ali struggled against Parkinson's syndrome, however, in 2016 “The Greatest” passed away in one of the hospitals in Scottsdale. Ali's funeral was preplanned by himself and others beginning years prior to his actual death. As he planned, his memorial service was held in “Louisville's KFC Yum! Center”, where the legendary boxer had his last professional ring. Ali was fond of saying, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” On 2 June 2016, Ali fell asleep, this time forever, and many of his dreams remained unfulfilled...

Diaz expects huge payoff from UFC to take title fight

Despite the rumours of an imminent title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov in the lightweight category, Nate Diaz has assured that nothing is sealed and agreed yet. "I'll only be fighting for the lightweight title in a big fight and expect 20 million (dollars) just to take the call," Diaz told MMAFighting, "Until they satisfy my conditions, I'm just enjoying my life." Diaz's candidacy was mistakenly added to the list after featherweight king Jose Aldo said that interim champion Max Holloway's injury had cancelled a would-be title fight date for UFC 209. Aldo was offered an interim lightweight title fight against Nurmagomedov with reigning champion Conor McGregor being set to leave the UFC 209.

Rio 2016. Julio César La Cruz is champion in men’s light heavy 81 kg weight category

Cuba representative Julio César La Cruz has gone all the way to the final to win the gold in men's light heavy 81 kg weight category. He has defeated Kazakhstan's Adilbek Niyazymbetov in all three rounds. Mathieu Bauderlique who lost to La Cruz in the semifinal and Niyazymbetov's victim at the same stage Joshua Buatsi from Great Britain received the bronzes.

Boxing. Evgeny Tishchenko wins gold for Russia

Russian boxer Evgeny Tishchenko is the strongest in men's heavy 91 kg weight category. He has outperformed Kazakhstan's Vassiliy Levit in the final fight. Usbekistan's Rustam Tulaganov and Cuba's Erislandy Savon have been awarded bronze medals.

Rio 2016. August 10 (Day 5). Finals to watch today

Cycling – Road Women’s time trial Final 1:30 PM Cycling – Road Men’s time trial Final 3:00 PM Rowing Men’s quadruple sculls Finals. Final A 3:22 PM Rowing Women’s quadruple sculls Finals. Final A 3:34 PM Shooting Men’s 50m pistol Final 5:00 PM Shooting Men’s double trap Finals. Bronze medal match 8:15 PM Canoe slalom Men’s kayak single Final 8:15 PM Shooting Men’s double trap Finals. Gold medal match 8:25 PM Weightlifting Women’s 69 kg Final. Group A 8:30 PM Diving Men’s synchronized 3m springboard Final 9:00 PM Gymnastics Men’s individual all-around Final 9:00 PM Judo Women’s 70 kg Semifinals. Bronze medal bout A 9:26 PM Judo Women’s 70 kg Semifinals. Bronze medal bout B 9:33 PM Judo Women’s 70- kg Finals. Gold medal bout 9:40 PM Judo Men’s 90 kg Semifinals. Bronze medal bout A 9:47 PM Judo Men’s 90 kg Semifinals. Bronze medal bout B 9:54 PM Judo Men’s 90 kg Final. Gold medal bout 10:01 PM Weightlifting Men’s 77kg Final. Group A 12:00 AM (August 11) Fencing Women’s individual foil Finals. Bronze medal bout 12:20 AM (August 11) Fencing Men’s individual sabre Finals. Bronze medal bout 12:50 AM (August 11) Fencing Women’s individual foil Finals. Gold medal bout 1:15 AM (August 11) Table tennis Women’s singles Finals. Bronze medal match 1:30 AM (August 11) Fencing Men’s individual sabre Finals. Gold medal bout 1:45 Am (August 11) Table tennis Women’s singles Finals. Gold medal match 2:30 AM (August 11) Swimming Men’s 200m breaststroke Final 5:03 AM (August 11) Swimming Women’s 200m butterfly Final 3:34 AM (August 11) Swimming Men’s 100m freestyle Final 4:03 AM (August 11) Swimming Women’s 4 x 200m freestyle relay Final 4:55 AM (August 11) *Time zone - CET

Russian boxers allowed to compete at Rio 2016

Eleven boxers from Russia have received the allowance to compete at Rio Olympic Games, International Boxing Association (AIBA) official statement confirms. "AIBA has carried out an individual analysis of the anti-doping record of each of the 11 Russian boxers qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games," AIBA statement read. "That process is now complete and confirmation has been received from the IOC Review Panel that the following 11 Russian boxers are eligible to compete at Rio 2016." As a result of this statement, Russia can send the whole delegation to Rio 2016 in the face of these eleven boxers.    

Cartoon. Football pays tribute to Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali passed away yesterday at the age of 74. Omar Mommani decided to pay tribute to legendary boxer with a beautiful cartoon, featuring Zinedine Zidane and Pele.

Pele shares his memories on Mohammad Ali

Brazilian football legend Pele shared his memories on one of the best boxers of all time Mohammad Ali, who passed away yesterday. “The sporting universe has just suffered a big loss. Muhammad Ali was my friend, my idol, my hero. We spent many moments together and always kept a good connection throughout the years. The sadness is overwhelming. I wish him peace with God. And I send love and strength to his family,” posted Pele on his official twitter page.
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