Guardiola: Bravo to learn lessons from the red card

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola shared his feelings after the heavy defeat that his team suffered against Barcelona. The Catalan side scored 4 goals, while Man City keeper Claudio Bravo was sent off in the 53rd minute.

“I have already talked to Claudio. He is sad, but this kind of episodes are part of football. Everyone makes mistakes in football. Bravo knows what he has done, but I will keep on making my teams play through the goalkeeper.

There are moments when the goalie should just kick the ball away, but Bravo tried to pass the ball, sometimes this happens. He has experience, and in my opinion, Bravo is one of the best goalkeepers in last 10 years. I still have faith in him. Claudio will learn lessons from this failure,” Guardiola said.


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