Former LA Galaxy manager warns club over Rooney transfer

Former LA Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas has warned against the club trying to sign Man Utd skipper Wayne Rooney.

Lalas said in the Sun on Sunday: “They got little return on the Steven Gerrard investment and does Rooney still have much to give and something which works in the MLS, even if he is five years younger than Gerrard?

“Are you replacing a player who had limited involvement and limited impact, with yet another player who will have limited involvement and limited impact? If Rooney, at 31, doesn’t still have the things which made him great, then it’s problematic.

“Living in Beverly Hills is great. But if you don’t couple it with performances on the field then you are just stealing money. The player he is now isn’t the player of 10 years ago – but then no one is.


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